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RX Renewal Workflow

If you work with the Fastrack system in the RX department, you know how cumbersome it is to work with prescription renewals. First you need to get a report of all prescriptions about to expire, then you must check to see if the patient is still getting the products from their prescription, and then you need to create the prescription, set the dates, diagnosis, etc... and add each product. Finally you need to create the CMN and print it. This must be done for each patient, RX, and product.

With the RX Renewal Workflow from Nebro & Associates, all of this is automated. The system knows what prescriptions are up for renewal and whether the patient is still receiving his or her products and/or services. With one click the user can create the entire Prescription, creating a copy of the previous prescription with the correct dates, and only for the products that are still being delivered to the patient. At the same time, the CMN request is created allowing your staff to print the CMN from the Fastrack application.

Additionally, the application keeps track of the status of the CMN and everything that is done to it, and allows for work assignment to specific users.

RX Workflow Main Screen

Patient Bulk Discharge

How many patients do you have in the system? It is likely that 60 to 80 percent of them are no longer in service. All of these patient records are crowding your patient reports and slowing your system. Of course, discharging, making the patients inactive, one by one is a daunting task, and for this reason most companies do not keep up with discharging their patients.

With Patient Bulk Discharge, you can perform this task in one quick step, and just like that, thousands of your patient records can be discharged all at once, cleaning your reports and speeding up your system.

Bulk Patient Discharge

Order Data Export

How often have you wished that you could easily export your order data to Excel to analyze the productivity of your CSR and more?  With Order Data Export you can do just that with a couple of clicks.  Setup your parameters and filters, and retrieve the data.  Transfer your information to an Excel file where you can then create pivot tables and more.

Order Data Export

As simple as that, export your information to a format you can work with.

Excel Data Export