Jose Rios Nebro Installing the bindings on a guitar A Torres style soundboard showing the braces

My Methods

I am a traditionalist at heart, originally from Malaga Spain, I build guitars in the tradional Spanish style. I have studied the style of many iconic builders, those like Antonio Torres, Herman Hauser, Romanillos and others. I tend to follow the Spanish tradition giving my classical and flamenco guitars a definite Spanish character.

I use extreme care in selecting the woods for my guitar building, from selecting the right woods for each component,checking the way it has been cut, to checking age and humidity levels of the woods. I will keep the woods in my shop for the adequate amount of time to make sure the wood has acclimatized to the shop before I consider using it to build a guitar.

My shop is in my own home which means I can work on my guitars at any time of the day or night. What began as a hobby has morphed into a full time occupation.

Jose Rios Nebro Workbench with a classical guitar

The Components forwardGuitar Building!

Each part of the guitar is carefully hand crafted, this gives each their uniqueness and personality!

The Neck, The Spanish way

All my guitars sports a neck with the Spanish heel. This is one of the stronger neck/body joins.  Careful consideration is taken when selecting the woods for the neck ... Click here for additional details about the classical guitar neck construction

The soundboard

The soundboard (tapa) is the single most important piece of a guitar. about 90% of the sound of a guitar is produced on this one surface. The material selection is extreamely imprtant. My soundboards are of either Spruce or Cedar. My spruce will be either European spruce or Canadian Engelmann spruce ... Click here for additional details about the classical guitar soundboard construction

The art of the Rosette

The Rosette is one of the few areas where the classical/flamenco guitar luthiers can express their artistic creativity. While many will buy a rosette pre-made and inlay it on the soundboard, others (me included) will take this oportunity to create an interesting and unique mosaic made entirely of wood ... Clieck here for additional details about the classical guitar rossete construction

the back and sides. completing the box

The back and sides are arguably the most visible part of the guitar. Normally they are made out of hardwoods that are selected based on the beauty of the wood as well as its tonal qualities. Together with the top, they complete the acoustic box of the guitar ... Click here for additional details of the classical guitar back and sides construction

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